Fight for Philly


Can you sign here to support paid sick leave in Philadelphia?  Stand up to say workers shouldn't have to choose between health and putting food on the table.

More and more cities and the entire state of Connecticut have been enacting laws requiring employers to give their staff paid sick days. The laws make sense for everyone: workers don't have to lose pay when they need to take care of themselves or sick children, employers have healthier and happy staff, and customers at retail establishments are less likely to be exposed to germs.  

Paid sick leave is gaining traction in Philadelphia: City Council passed a paid sick leave bill last year, but Mayor Nutter vetoed it.  Now the mayor might be having a change of heart, announcing a task force to re-examine the issue.  We need to let the mayor and council now that we support paid sick leave!

Join us this Wednesday, November 19, at 2:30pm at City Hall for a press conference before the next meeting of the Mayor’s Task Force on Paid Sick Leave.  We're going to make sure the mayor knows how important paid sick leave is to the working people of our city.  Can you join us?

I want Philadelphia to require employers to provide paid sick leave to hard-working staff!  Workers should be able to take care of themselves or sick family members without losing pay.