Fight for Philly


I will vote “YES” on ballot question #1 on May 20!

On May 20, Philadelphia voters will have the chance to give thousands of airport workers a much-needed raise.

Philadelphia International Airport is expanding and the airlines are making record profits. Yet nearly 2,000 Philadelphia airport workers live in deep poverty, making as little as $7.25/hour. One out of five subcontracted airport workers reported going hungry last year.

On May 20, I will cast my vote for airport workers who are fighting to improve jobs and get the economy moving again.

For Our Economy: When Philadelphia workers earn a living wage, they spend more money at small businesses and boost our local economy.

For Fairness: Airport workers deserve the city’s minimum wage of $10.88/ hour.

For Our Schools: Higher wages mean higher tax revenues, and that means more public education money that could be used to hire back teachers or support school programs.

I will vote “YES” on ballot question #1 on May 20 for good jobs in Philadelphia!

REMINDER: You only need your ID if this is your FIRST TIME voting at your polling place.





On May 20, I will cast my vote for airport workers and others to get the raises they deserve. We need good jobs and to get the economy moving again!

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