Fight for Philly


We did it!

After years of fighting Gov. Corbett and his attacks on education, working people, and the poor, we've kicked him out of office! Thanks to your help, Pennsylvania made history, defeating an incumbent governor for the first time ever.

We never let up the pressure on the governor and his vicious agenda, making sure we protested his cuts to schools in Philadelphia and across the state at every turn. We've demanded he raise the minimum wage and fully expand Medicaid. We sat in at the governor's office for days, demanding he tax huge corporate frackers to pay for quality schools.

Our message got through loud and clear. People across Pennsylvania went to the polls to vote for Tom Wolf, a candidate who has pledged to stand with us on all our priorities. Tom Wolf will fully fund education, expand Medicaid, work to raise the minimum wage, enact a fair tax code, and get our economy working for everyone.

What are your priorities for Tom Wolf and PA in 2015?