Fight for Philly


Yes!  I want to volunteer in Philadelphia to help Fight for Philly get out the vote for President Obama, champion of the middle class!

Like every presidential election, this is an important chance for you to influence the direction of the country for the next four years.  Besides voting, we can use your help canvassing door-to-door to make sure everyone gets out and votes, can find their polling places, can get to their polling places, and knows when polls close.  If you can't hit the streets, we can also use volunteers for our phone bank.  Let's make sure Pennsylvania votes for JOBS, NOT CUTS and rejects the Romney economy.  Let's get the vote out for President Obama, champion of the middle class!

Please tell us when you are free, and we'll contact you soon with more information.  Our greatest needs are for this weekend and Election Day itself, Tuesday November 6.